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There are many reasons for surveying a
building’s drainage system.

New Build

New build projects require the contractor to
provide the owner with plans of the
drainage system together with evidence
that it is functioning correctly and is

Blocked Drains

Blockages occur in all drainage systems from
time to time caused by waste materials being
emptied into the system or damage to the
underground pipes themselves. The system needs
to be surveyed to find where the blockage/damage is
so it can be speedily repaired.

A1 Total Drain Solutions operates special mobile surveying equipment using robotic cctv which can very quickly and effectively produce a complete survey of the particular drainage system. Locating the source and location of a blockage by traditional means can be difficult and expensive a more cost effective, rapid means of surveying the pipe is to use our specially adapted cctv camera, which is fed into the drain. Our engineers can analyse the pictures they receive and advise on any remedial action needed. We will provide a complete report and estimate of the cost of any remedial work required.