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On inspection, some drains or sewers may have
cracked due to subsidence, tree roots or
corrosion. Some may even have collapsed.
In these cases, A1 Total Drain Solutions,
are able to determine the best way of
repairing them. We use our cctv robots
to determine the cause and effect of
the problem and then suggest the
most suitable repair technique.

Lining without excavating.

One method we employ is to ‘line’ the
pipe with a special fibreglass patch which
we can affix without needing to excavate the
pipe, thus saving time and money. The patch
is positioned using our cctv robot and then the mat,
which is wrapped around an inflatable ‘packer’ is pressed against the broken pipe and secured with epoxy resin.

This quick, inexpensive method is resistant to leaks, tree roots etc. and is suitable for pipes in excess of 100mm diameter.